As a Mommy Blogger, I am on my laptop quite a bit. I try to use it at the table or desk when I can, but let's face it....the great thing about a laptop is convenience and being able to take it with it me wherever I need to be to keep an eye on my daughter at the same time. So, many times I use it on my lap like I'm sure so many others do as well. Unfortunately laptops can become very hot in little time. It's not good for the computer, and really not good for us as laptop users either. That's why I went searching for a solution and came across the LapWorks Futura Laptop Desk.

LapWorks sent us their LapWorks Futura Laptop Desk along with their MouzPad.

I have found this laptop desk to be very stable, as it's made of the same polycarbonate used to make football helmets. The rubber strips molded to the top and bottom surfaces help to give it a great non-slip work surface for the computer on one side and your lap on the other. It is compact enough to fit in just about any computer carrying case you have, yet large enough to even use a mouse with it if you like. Best of all, it provides plenty of ventilation with it's wide channels and rubber-topped ridges. I also found that I was much more comfortable using my laptop on my lap with the Futura Laptop Desk. Not only because it didn't get so hot on my legs, but also because it allows you to use your computer in a way that's more comfortable on your shoulders, neck, back and arms.

My favorite part about the Futura Laptop Desk w/MouzPad is that it can be used as a desktop stand or a lapdesk. I think this is a great feature, making it versatile and suitable for many people's needs.
More features Futura Laptop Desk w/MouzPad that I like:

  • Reduces notebook heat and cools your lap
  • Lightweight and compact (just over 1 lb and unfolded into a wide 21 x 11 x 3/8 inches and folded it measures 11 x 10 inches and one-half inch thick)
  • Folds up for easy storage
  • Rubberized surface keeps laptop from slipping
  • MouzPad companion accessory for added mousng area
  • MouzPad quickly snaps-on or off for convenience
I have not found all of these features with any other lapdesk that I've tried. It's definitely a product I would recommend to anyone who is on their computer a lot and would make a fantastic gift idea for those computer users on your gift list this Holiday season!

Buy It: The LapWorks Futura Laptop Desk w/MouzPad can be purchased from for $34.95. The LapWorks Futura Laptop Desk without the MouzPad can be purchased for $29.95.


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