Kaelyn has always been a pretty good sleeper. However, as with most children, there have been nights here and there over the past couple of years when she has needed some extra TLC to calm down and fall asleep. With our second baby on the way, I'm sure we'll have nights like this with him or her as well.

That's why I was so happy to come across Cloud B, a company dedicated to providing parents with products that will help create a better and safer sleep for baby, aiding in healthy development. They use only the finest of materials for all of the products they offer and have become a trusted name among parents worldwide.

Cloud B sent us their new, Gentle Giraffe.

When we first received it I was amazed at how soft it was. It's a nice size for children, and what I enjoy most about it is that it's made to help soothe children to sleep in a safe and calming way. Inside this adorable animal has a little sound box that offers four soothing sounds: Safari Groove, Safari Trail, Victoria Falls, and Mother's Heartbeat. On the sound box there is a volume control and on/off switch. You also have the option to set the time for 23 or 45 minutes. It has a Velcro loop that can easily be attached to the crib as well. A neat bonus is that Gentle Giraffe also came with a fully illustrated story book and adoption certificate.

This is perfect for newborns and children of all ages. It's created to help even the fussiest of children become better sleepers. I would have loved having this when Kaelyn was born and am so happy to have it for this baby!

The Gentle Giraffe is not the only product Cloud B carries though. They also have a selection of other sleep products and gifts.

I'd love to try their Lullawrap ...

and have the well known Twilight Turtle too...

The Gentle Giraffe and many other products Cloud B carries would make fantastic gift ideas for the people on your list this holiday season! Any new parent would appreciate their child, and themselves having a better night's sleep and any child would love to own this cuddly and cute sleep friend!

Buy It: You can purchase the Gentle Giraffe from the Cloud B website for $28, as well as at a number of other retailers found here.


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