Kokopax Review and 10% off Coupon Code on ANY Order!!

Posted by Jenna | Friday, September 11, 2009

When Kaelyn was born we got a carrier, but unfortunately didn't get to use it as much as we would have liked. She was born just as winter began, so we we were not out and about enough to use it a whole lot...it was mainly used indoors. By the time the weather was nicer and we wanted to use it more, she had already outgrown it. For quite some time now, I have been searching for something that allows a greater weight limit, but at the same time, something that isn't too heavy.

I am so thankful to have come across Kokopax and their line of classic carriers, and was absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to review one. We received the Kokopax classic carrier in the espresso fabric!

I was very impressed with the classic carrier when we received it in the mail, and was even more impressed when we had the opportunity to use it with Kaelyn! It offers a more modern design to the classic carrier we're all used to seeing. It's VERY lightweight (just 2.7 lbs), and offers a great, durable 100% cotton canvas fabric. I was also very happy with the fact that it holds children from 6 months old to 2 years old (or 35 lbs)! That means Kaelyn can still use it for a couple of months, and I'm sure will be used often with our baby on the way once he/she is a bit older.

The following are some of the other features which I appreciated most about the Kokopax carrier:

* comfortable shoulder straps
* adjustable frame to fit individual user
* aluminum frame
* padded waist support
* kickstand for easy loading
* 5-pt. safety harness
* comes in many stylish fabric choices

Oh, and it comes in a great carrying case which makes it super easy to haul with us when traveling. I could definitely see us taking this with us when at the zoo, the park, on a walk, in the airport...or even at home! It's absolutely perfect and is just what I was looking for.

Kokopax also carries a number of other great products! I LOVE their baby sun hats and would love to get one for our baby once he/she arrives! Aren't they adorable?

Their totes are also very stylish and perfect for travel and coordinate perfectly with the Kokopax classic carrier! I would love this one!!

Buy It: The Kokopax classic carrier can be purchased on their website at www.Kokopax.com for $179.99. Their baby sun hats can be purchased for $19.99 and the totes for $79.99!

Coupon Code: Kokpax has also generously offered A Mom's Balancing Act readers a 10% off coupon code, mba2009, on any order from www.Kokopax.com!!

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