Congrats To The Winners!

Posted by Jenna | Saturday, September 05, 2009

I apologize that some of these are being announced a little late. The winner's have all been notified and replied in confirmation of their prize! Thanks so much to all who entered!

Congrats to the following winners!!!

The Diaper Dekor Giveaway Winner

Commenter #34 Rachel Says: "public follower #2"

The Hallmark Cards Giveaway Winners

Commenter #147 The Demille's Says: "Tweet!"
Commenter #21 The McDougles Says: "I'm a follower #1"
Commenter #120 NGS Says: "I would send the cards to my best friend. She's always in need of a little pick me up!"

The Little Lasso Giveaway Winner

Commenter #36 Max's Mommy Says: "I entered the Hallmark giveaway"

The Elegant Elle Giveaway Winner

Commenter #40 BabeeLove Says:"entered Milan Maternity"

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