Swami Baby Boutique Review

Posted by Jenna | Friday, August 21, 2009

I always enjoy finding unique baby clothing....especially those that are trendy and cute! I happened to come across Swami Baby a couple of months ago and found that their clothing line for both baby and adults were definitely unique and stylish!

Mother of three and Swami Baby owner, Katie Holley, wanted to design a line of babywear and gifts that give voice to our wise little ones...and so Swami Baby was born! Not only does this line of babywear reflect their ability to enjoy life, but is also a reminder to us all to take time to relax, enjoy ourselves and take life one baby step at a time. I don't know about you, but this is a reminder I definitely need when life becomes hectic and busy!

I was thrilled when Swami Baby sent us their Think Green T-shirt (I Recycle) for Kaelyn! It says "Same Shirt, Different Day, I Recycle" and is absolutely adorable!! Not only did I love the statement which was made, supporting Green Thinking, but I also was very impressed with the quality! It was very soft and washed up perfectly! Whenever Kaelyn wears this T-shirt, we get many comments and people who just love how cute it is. What's great is that there are many other options available over at Swami Baby as well! I would also love their other two Think Green T-shirts for Kaelyn and our little one on the way! Or, how about this adorable custom embroidered personalized onesie...so cute!

For more information about Swami Baby and where to purchase their great baby and adult clothing and gift items...visit their website today. You can also become a Swami Baby Fan on Facebook or follow them on Twitter!

Buy It: The Swami Baby "I Recycle" T-shirt can be purchased for $12 on their website.

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