It's become increasingly important to me to make sure that we're using the safest and non-toxic products in our household once Kaelyn was born. In my search for the most pure and natural products for my family to use, I happened to come across Nature's Baby! This was not a company I had heard of before, but I was very impressed after browsing their website and learning more about them!! Nature's Baby is a family owned and operated business. It was born when mom, Adena, went searching for pure and natural baby care products after her 1 year old broke out in a mysterious rash all over her body and her second daughter suffered from severe eczema.

Nature's Baby sent us their Vanilla Tangerine Shampoo and Body Wash to try. I was really excited to have the opportunity to use it on Kaelyn and to have something with such a unique and great smell!! After using it the first time, I quickly realized that this is a company who's main goal is to provide safe products without compromising the quality! I say this, because as I used it on Kaelyn I noticed how well it lathered and rinsed out. A little really went a long way and in the end it left her hair clean and soft! In the times following that we've used this product, we've had the same great experience! I LOVE the smell, and most importantly, I love knowing that it's free of dangerous phthalates, parabens, 100% Vegan, and safe to use on our little girl.

The great thing about Nature's Baby is that they not only offer the Shampoo and Body Wash I had the opportunity to review, but many other products as well! At some point I'd love to try them all...especially the Organic Diaper Cream and the All Purpose Deodorizer. I am thrilled to have found this company in time for the birth of our second baby this Fall! I think you'll really like all they have to offer as well!

Buy It: Nature's Baby products can be purchased on the Nature's Baby website. They are also going to be going into 300 Target Stores, a list of which can be found here. I am very excited about this! Now I can easily find this wonderful product on the shelves of a local store that so many of us shop at!


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