Me4Kidz Medibuddy Review

Posted by Jenna | Tuesday, June 02, 2009

With small children it's important that every parent and caregiver have the necessary First Aid Supplies on hand at all times! Most of us have probably found ourselves away from home with a child who has gotten hurt. Whether it's a simple bandage you need...or maybe burn relief cream or an antibiotic's something that I know I too often forget and leave at home. As a busy mom it can be difficult to remember to restock the diaper bag every time there's an outing. That's why Me4Kidz appealed to me so much!

Me4Kidz, also known as Medical Emergencies For Kids, are a family owned and operated company...started by a husband and wife who knew that there was an easier way to have an organized and kid-friendly first aid kit than the products that were being offered at the time. After their son was stung by a bee...Richelle Nassos and her husband Pete began creating kits that are organized, durable, kid-friendly and SO easy to use!! What's great is that all of their products are USA Made, they only use 100% recycled, US/EU lead free plastic, products consist of latex free contents and they are assembled by those who are disabled, so each purchase gives back to help rehabilitate people in need!!

Me4Kidz offers many different kits to choose from: the Medibag 4 Kids, Medibuddy, Diaper Bag Buddy, and even a Medibag 4 Petz!!! All of which can be be found and learned more about here on their website!

I am so thankful to the Nassos Family for sending me a Medibuddy to review!! I have been needing something like this for so long and am so happy I came across Me4Kidz! It comes with a very compact and durable case, enclosing so many useful items that can easily be carried in a diaper bag, car, stroller or even purse! The kit includes:

(15) 3/4 “ X 3” Red, Blue & Yellow Crayon Bandages
(1) 3” Knee & Elbow Bandage
(1) Sting Relief Pad
(4) 2” X 2” Gauze Pads (2 Two Packs)
(3) 5” X 8” Antiseptic Wipes (sting free)
(1) Burn Relief Cream
(2) Antibiotic Ointments
(12) Kid Friendly Fun Stickers
(1) Carry Anywhere Case.

I just loved the selection this product offered....everything we could possibly need when out and about! I've already started taking it with me to the park, grocery shopping, etc! It's perfect!

Whether you're looking for a kit like this for yourself, or a great baby shower gift....Me4Kidz is definitely something you should check out! You can buy any of the Me4Kidz products at a number of online retailers or other locations near you which can be found by searching retailers in your area on the Me4Kidz website.


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