Consignment Shopping

Posted by Jenna | Thursday, March 05, 2009

Everyone knows how quickly kids grow...especially when they're in their baby and toddler years. I've learned this first hand, watching Kaelyn grow faster than I can even buy clothes for her. Baby clothes are SO expensive, and for the short amount of time kids wear them, it's really not worth the money. Have you found that to be true, also?

Much of our shopping is done in local consignment stores. Thankfully we have a few nearby which offer great items for outstanding prices! Aside from that, I make sure to go to our Just Between Friends Consignment Sale every Spring and Fall as well. If you've never been to one and have kids, you really must find one near you! It's AMAZING! I walk out with huge bags full of clothes and only spend 50 dollar or less on it all. I can purchase clothing for the next year and not spend more than that. If you ask me, that's a good deal! Wow!

Consignment shopping is the absolute best way to save money when buying clothes for your little ones. And better yet, you can make money by participating in these stores and sales once you are finished with the clothing by selling them for a profit. Definitely something to consider.

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