Dining Out With a Toddler

Posted by Jenna | Tuesday, February 03, 2009

As we were out to eat with my parents on Sunday, I got to thinking back when Kaelyn was a baby and what it was like to take her to a restaurant at that age. When she was just little...she would either sleep in her carrier, or lay/sit in someone's lap. Now, however....she's getting older and wants to eat with the rest of us which is completely understandable. Anyone who has kids though, knows that they don't like to wait for the food, so I have learned that it's always good to go somewhere that is fast and offers the foods she likes to eat. We were at the Pizza Ranch so this is perfect. The one thing I'm still learning is what other things I can bring for her once she decides she's done eating. I'd like to come up with some things to have on hand to keep her busy while the rest of us finish our meal. I'm sure with time we'll get our little "survival kit together'...any suggestions are more than welcome.... :)


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